Virgin Chrysospiliotissa Church

Virgin Chrysopolitissa Church

Virgin Chrysospiliotissa Church

In a beautiful surrounding area in Pano Arodes there is a small modest single-aisled church dedicated to Panagia Chrysospiliotissa. The chapel was built in 1947, north of a cave also dedicated to Panagia Chrysospiliotissa. Its interior consists of a simple iconostasis with few images. The church is also decorated with some frescoes, coming mainly from donations from the faithful. There are many believers who come to the small church to leave their prayers and invoke the help of the Virgin Mary.

The small church is located in an area where a settlement had previously developed, which bore the name Thermokrini or Themokrini, and which was abandoned over time. The settlement seems to have existed during the Byzantine period and continued to exist during the medieval years, where it was a fiefdom.

The province of Paphos hosts several locations of great natural beauty. Especially in the National Park of Akamas, there are many landscapes that attract the interest of both naturalists and ordinary people who are interested in getting closer to nature, while also getting to know our place.

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