Stars Park

Stars Park

This is an action in the context of the International Competition announced in the context of LENOTRE PAFOS 2016. The creation of an Astropark, as well as a walking route that will start from the settlements of Pano and Kato Arodes to the Avaka gorge, was the subject of the International Competition, in the context of which the academic meeting was held in Paphos, with the participation of five European universities and the University of Neapolis Paphos.

As part of the preparatory work for the project, the International Landscape Architecture Workshop was held in Neapolis, with the participation of students and professors from the Universities of Neapolis, Anhalt University of Applied Science in Bernburg^ Germany, University College Ghent Faculty of Biosciences and Landscape Architecture of Belgium, Universite Ecole de la Nature et du Paysage (ENP), Blais, France and Vienna University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Austria.

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