Mr. Matthaios Stefanou was born on 10.12.1955 and has been the Community Head of Pano Arodon for 34 years.

According to Mr. Stefanou:

“A project that really brought LIFE to our little community. For us it is not just a building or a Museum. It is a matter of our SURVIVAL as a community. As you know the population of the communities in our area has decreased significantly resulting in us becoming nursing homes! This project gave us hope for our future as a community. As our Geologist dear Arsinoe said, we received thousands of visitors and children from schools all over Cyprus. We hope that with this project, in combination with the other projects that have been completed or are being promoted in our community and in the rest of the communities in the region, they will become a real pole of attraction and development to keep our communities alive.

I thank the communities that agreed to the creation of this project, the European Funds Unit that financed the project, the Province that coordinated its implementation, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism for financing various important works that had to be completed, ETAP for the her support and the promotion of the project, the Researchers of the project, the geologist Mr. Petridis for the internal configuration of the Center, and Mr. Tsiridis for the provision of the hippo bones and all those who helped to make the project a reality.”

Mathaios Stefanou

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