Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge

Avakas Gorge

One of the most remarkable landscapes is the Avaka Gorge. The access to the gorge is through a path, which stretches along the bed of the “Avga” river and is surrounded by dense vegetation. Walking on the path, it suddenly narrows and the steep high walls rise up next to you. It is the entrance of the gorge. Initially the height is around 45m while moving towards the interior it reaches 150m. The water in the river flows all the time and is the main source of life for the dense vegetation. The further you go into the gorge, the narrower the access becomes. The route reaches 1.5 km, where the trail ends. For the more daring, the route can be continued, but caution is needed because there are several rocks and natural obstacles that will have to be jumped over. This wonderful route ends at the source of the river, among the wonderful vineyards of the village of Pano Arodes.

The gorge is characterized by its rich biodiversity. There is a wide variety of species of flora and fauna. The inhabitants of the gorge include foxes, frogs, hares, eels as well as quite a wide variety of birds. The place is a “paradise” for bird watchers, since every year, the area is visited by several fanatical fans of this sport. The species of birds that are found are quite a few and some of them are strictly protected. In the past, the vulture was also a resident of the area, which is now rarely seen. The flora of the gorge is also rich, for which we can obtain a lot of information from the signs installed by the Forestry Department.

For the casual visitor, the gorge is an oasis of beauty, rest and coolness especially during the summer months. The combination of running water, cool air and absolute tranquility is the most suitable for someone who wants to get closer to nature. The peace of the area is intertwined with the name of the gorge, since “abakis” in ancient Greek means mute, speechless, Abakis is a location that is completely quiet. The smells of flowers, bushes, soil are very strong, able to awaken the primal human instincts and remind us of our old relationship with nature. The variety of colors offered by the various types of vegetation is intoxicating, while there are moments when the landscape looks unreal. Narrow steep limestone walls, rocks hanging overhead as if suspended, bushes with huge branches growing in the most incredible places.

To reach the gorge, we must follow the Pafos-Agios Georgios Pegeia road. From there, we enter the National Park of Akamas, following the dirt road for about 2.5Km, until we reach the bay of Toxeutra and following a right turn, either by car or on foot for another 900 meters, we reach the specially designed parking area . The entrance to the gorge is well hidden by lush citrus groves that give you a first taste of what lies ahead.

The visit to the gorge, however, requires the corresponding attention and respect. During the winter, the river “eggs” can become rapid and quite

Also during heavy rains there is a possibility of rock slides. The balance of fauna and flora in the area is particularly sensitive, which is why it is strictly forbidden to cut bushes and flowers, to make loud noises, while great care is needed with the management of each visitor’s garbage. The area is currently kept fairly clean and should stay that way.

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